Sunday, February 19, 2012

dukham sukham

Yesterday night I came back ,after attending marriage of my sis's son.People were pompously showing their wealth with fake smiles.It is not unusual now a days .Really I am misfit for these parties.Celebrations for 3-4 days. What I think that we should invite our near and dear and concentrate on our rituals.After that we can throw grand party but I know nobody will be agree with me and I'll do the same what others are doing.
Lets start a new pomp and show just simple marriage......

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  1. I fully agree with you aunty...the ostentatious show of jewellery, designer wear, but all sans any emotions make me feel nauseous.. It should end at some point. There should be the limit to every thing. In a marriage function how many guests know the whereabouts of DULHA -DULHAN???? I think only 10-20%only. We spend Lakhs of money on every minute detail but tend to forget about the future of newly wed .the money could be utilised for better reasons..and on emotional front's a very tiring and draining affair...